2024 5th International Conference on Mechatronics Technology and Intelligent Manufacturing (ICMTIM 2024)
Call For Papers
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The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Mechatronics Technology

· Mechatronics Control

· Sensors and Actuators

· 3D Printing Technologies

· Intelligent control

· Motion Control   

· Opto-Electronic Systems

· Optomechatronics

· Humanoid Robots

· Human-Machine Interfaces

· Advanced Motion Control

· Integrated Manufacturing System

· Vibration and Noise Control

· Smart Materials and Structures

· Precision Measurement Technology

· Micro/Nano-Manufacturing and MEMS/NEMS

· Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Control

· Fault detection and diagnosis in mechatronics systems

· Industrial Robots and Automatic Production Line

· Advanced Forming Manufacturing and Equipment

· NEMS/MEMS Technology and Equipment

· Modeling, analysis and simulation of manufacturing processes

· High-speed/Precision Machining and Inspection Technology

Intelligent Manufacturing

· Modeling and Design

· Intelligent Systems

· Intelligent mechatronics

· Micro-Machining Technology

· Sustainable Production

· Recycling and Remanufacturing

· Rapid Manufacturing

· Digital Manufacturing (CAx, CAPP, MES, DES, etc.) 

· Micro-Electronic Packaging Technology and Equipment

· Theory and Application of Friction and Wear        

· Integrated Manufacturing System

· Analysis and Decision of Industry & Manufacturing System

· Digital Manufacture and Management   

· Green Supply Chain

· System Analysis and Industrial Engineering

· Manufacturing Systems and Industry Application

· Modeling, analysis and simulation of manufacturing processes

· Collaborative and Digital Manufacturing for Advancing Product Quality