2022 3rd International Conference on Mechatronics Technology and Intelligent Manufacturing (ICMTIM 2022)

Conference Date



April 15,2022 April 17,2022


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Important Dates

√ Meeting time: April 15, 2022

√ Deadline for submission: April 14, 2022

√ Deadline for registration: April 14, 2022

√ Notification of acceptance or rejection: 7 days after submission of manuscript

About ICMTIM 2022

The 3rd International Conference on Mechatronics Technology and Intelligent Manufacturing (ICMTIM 2022), sponsored by AEIC Academic Exchange Center, will be held in Hangzhou, China on April 15-17, 2022. The ICMTIM 2022 conference will be held once a year, aiming at bringing together scholars, experts, developers and technicians in the fields of mechatronics and intelligent manufacturing to a platform for academic exchanges, and providing a platform for sharing scientific research achievements and cutting-edge technologies, understanding academic development trends, broadening research ideas, strengthening academic research and discussion, and promoting industrial cooperation of academic achievements. The conference invites experts, scholars, business people and other relevant personnel from universities and research institutions at home and abroad to attend and exchange.

Wonderful Review of ICMTIM 2021

The 2nd International Conference on Mechatronics Technology and Intelligent Manufacturing (ICMTIM 2021) was successfully closed on 13th August, 2021. Due to the effect of Corona Virus, the conference in this year was held online. The following is the screenshot of the participants.

Keynote speakers

Prof. Goh Hui Hwang / Improved Fast S-Transform and SVD-Based Noise Reduction for Power Quality Disturbances (PQDs)

Prof. Kai Wang / Research on life prediction of supercapacitor based on improved long and short term memory neural network

Assoc. Prof. Hongtao Tang / Digital process design and production scheduling optimization for discrete manufacturing

Assis. Prof. Dongdong Zhang / Key techniques for smart integrated energy systems considering integrated demand responses

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